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2510, 2020

Tripathon Rebranding

October 25th, 2020|

Maybe we can’t stay young forever, but we can forever develop Tripathon.

If you’re reading this then you may have noticed something’s changed. Yes, it is our Brand New Logo.

Our running man has been removed, to make the logo more simple and clear to your eyes, especially when you open the website from your mobile.

But this is not the main reason… Are you ready to know the main reason?

From Now onwards Tripathon will NOT ONLY be serving the tourism domain.  With a BIG BANG, a wide collection of “T” elements serving the B2B industry will be launching very soon.

Tripathon Travel: With its Yellow dominating color, inspired by our Old Logo, will continue serving the B2B tourism industry worldwide.

And it recommits to serving its customers with the same high-quality service it has been known for.

Why Now : 

This is not the first time that Tripathon is expanding, it always stayed up to date, by serving different markets, having a multi-cultural team, attending the latest workshops.

The same way that Tripathon was optimistic about the Tourism sector 7 years ago, it is carrying the same optimism by continuing to bring it’s special touch to the B2B world with a variety of technological solutions.

What’s Happening :

Along with updating the company’s visual identity, Its expansion will be focused on having the same level of satisfaction from its new clients in the new spheres it’s going to be launching.

Growing together with you, it will be the bridge between you and your customers that you can rely on with full confidence.

What’s next :

Tripathon believes in the power of technology.  Tripathon believes in providing solutions to all challenges businesses face.  Tripathon will start taking new directions with new rules. The goal is to bring the world to you.

Stay tuned to find out about our new projects in the near future …






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